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Weekly Meetings

Each week we meet to find out more about each other's businesses, exchange leads and overall have a fun time together. We welcome visitors from all types of businesses to find out what Roanoke Valley Referral Professionals is all about. We are a group of professionals working together to grow our businesses through Relationship Marketing and referrals. Roanoke Valley Referral Professionals members work together for a common goal: To increase everyone's sales income and bottom line.

Member Profiles

While our group is made up of diverse professions we all share the same goal of helping our fellow members grow their businesses.

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Moderator: Justin Enquist  540-7970636

Secretary: James Congdon 540-589-8693

Topics - Speakers: Jeanie Patterson 540-798-7282

Social Media: Russell Dorry 540-493-4049

Referrals: Chris Yeagel 540-344-3707

Treasurer & Web site maintance: Bo Bohon 540-537-4688

Interested in Joining? Contact any of the officers
We're always looking for professionals interested in joining our group. Please contact us to register to attend a meeting.
We meet every Wednesday at the Vinton Baptist Church Disciple Center from 7:30am to 9:00am.